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A minimum of 50 minutes by high-speed ferry Queen Zamami from the north coast of Naha Tomari Port

We recommend that customers who come directly from Naha Airport take a taxi.
If you are taking a taxi, please tell the destination to "Tomarin" if you are using the ferry Zamami.
Also, if you are using the high-speed boat Queen Zamami, please tell us that you are at the high-speed boat boarding area on the north coast of Tomari Port.
Ticket reservations can be easily made online from a smartphone or computer,
After pre-payment by credit card, a QR code for boarding will be issued and sent to your smartphone email.
All the boarding procedures have been completed, so just post the QR code to the staff at the boarding gate and board.
In the case of online reservation with cash payment on the day, reservation by phone, and boarding without reservation,
Tickets are purchased and issued directly at the ticket counter, so we recommend that you allow plenty of time.

Access information

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Hotel Name

Minshuku Yubinmura(Robinson)


144 Ama, Zamami Village, Shimajiri County, Okinawa Prefecture

Telephone number



A minimum of 50 minutes by high-speed boat from Naha Tomari Port.2 hours by ferry.
About 15 minutes on foot from Zamamiko Port.
Shuttle service available to Zamamiko Port.(Available if contacted by the day before)
Located in the Ama Area, a quiet hamlet near the beach.

Access list

Our inn is located in the quiet Ama village.
  • Access from Naha Tomari Port

    It takes 50 to 110 minutes by high-speed ferry "Queen Zamami" from the north coast of Naha Tomari Port, or 2 hours by "Ferry Zamami".
    About 15 minutes on foot from Zamamiko Port.
  • About pick-up

    According to the arrival time of the ship, we will pick you up at Zamamiko Port with a "Robinson" written on it.

    ■If you need transportation
    Please be sure to let us know the flight of the ship you are scheduled to arrive.

    【Customers who made reservations online】
    In the remarks column, "I need to pick you up", "Queen Zamami 1st flight arrival",
    Please include the scheduled arrival ferry, such as "Ferry Zamami", "Murauchi Route Mitsushima", or "Tokashiki Route Mitsushima".

    【Customers who made a reservation by phone】
    We will ask you when you make a reservation, so please let us know at that time.

    *In addition, if you wish to be picked up at a time other than the ship's arrival time,
    We can pick you up at Zamamiko Port (Zamamiko Port ticket office or in front of Zamami Village Tourism Association), so please contact us.
    We will make adjustments and contact you by the day before your stay.

    ■If you don't want a pick-up service
    Be sure to write "No pick-up", "On foot", "Rental car (rental bike) arranged by yourself", "The marine shop will send it after the activity", etc.
    Please include your estimated check-in time as well.
    If you are coming by yourself, such as on foot or by renting a car (rental motorbike), please come to the main building.

    ■When sending to our inn at the marine shop
    If you plan to stay in the "Main Building", please come directly to the "Main Building".
    If you plan to stay in the "Annex", please come directly to the "Annex".
    Please contact the following contact information by phone before or after your visit.
    If you contact us, the staff will go to check-in, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation.

    Nakamura in charge of reservations
  • Parking

    【Main Building】
    Yes(Free)/number:8 units

    Yes(Free)/number:3 units