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  • About pick-up(Welcome)

    For customers who need transportation, we will pick you up at Zamamiko Port according to the arrival time of your ship with a "Robinson" wriContinue reading
  • Luggage storage(When sending packages to us)

    That is no problem.However, due to limited storage space, we are limiting the number of items per family to 1 or 2.
     Please be sure to contaContinue reading
  • Transfer Ferry Zamami and Queen Zamami(sending)

    If you would like to be sent to Zamamiko Port, please ask the staff after check-in by 20:00 pm the day before check-out or by 8:30 am on theContinue reading
  • About pick-up, Mitsushima using the Mitsushima route within the village(sending)

    Estimated departure time from Robinson to Zamamiko Port
    〇 1st flight:7:30 minutes
    〇 2nd flight:8:15 minutes(On-demand flight to Tokashiki)
     Continue reading
  • About payment

    Payment will be confirmed at check-out, regardless of whether you have paid in advance or paid on-site, and the accommodation fee and rentalContinue reading
  • I want to send a parcel

    ○ If you want to send your luggage from Zamami Island to your home, please use Zamami Post Office, Kuroneko Yamato Zamami Branch.

    ○ If you Continue reading
  • Luggage storage after check-out

    Luggage can be stored after check-out in the cafeteria space of the main building.
    Please manage your suitcase (luggage) by locking it yoursContinue reading
  • Lost item

    ○ Please check your room and common areas (laundry drying area, washroom, shower room) before leaving so that you don't forget anything.

    ○ Continue reading
  • Do you have a curfew?

    There is no curfew, but please do not disturb other guests when coming and going at night.
  • About smoking space

    Both the main building and the annex are non-smoking areas.

    ○ Guests who smoke are asked to smoke in the chaise longue space at the front eContinue reading
  • About parking lot

    Both the main building and the annex have parking lots.Please let us know when you make a reservation.
    If you plan to bring your car into thContinue reading
  • How to use the room, part 1

    ○ All rooms are non-smoking.
    〇 Check-out time is 9:30 am.
    〇 Check-in time is 10:30 am.
    〇 There is no room cleaning or bedding change during Continue reading
  • Use of shower rooms, toilets and washrooms

    ○ Shower rooms, toilets, washrooms, and laundry drying areas are shared in both the main building and the annex.Please understand that the tContinue reading
  • About the washer and dryer

    ○ We do not have set times for using the washing machines and dryers, but please refrain from using them late at night or early in the morniContinue reading
  • About hair dryer rental

    〇 Both the main building and the annex have hair dryers in the washrooms.Please feel free to use it.Regarding use, please use the hair dryerContinue reading
  • About amenities

    Since our inn is a guest house, there are hair dryers, soaps, and rinse-in-shampoos in the communal areas, but please bring your own amenitiContinue reading
  • Stay with pets

    Pets are not allowed to stay with us.
  • About breakfast and dinner

    We will prepare general home-cooked meals wholeheartedly to suit everyone's taste.
    *Allergies and other vegetarian and vegan correspondence Continue reading
  • dinner time

    ○ Dinner time is usually served in the guest room for guests staying in the main building.
    Guests staying in the annex will use the cafeteriContinue reading
  • About lunch

    I don't make lunch boxes.
    You can make a reservation at "Jirobe Shoten" in front of Ama Beach.
    Further inquiry contact,Tel:098-851-4861
    *If Continue reading
  • About marine equipment rental

    ○ When setting the rental time for marine equipment At our shop, we rent various marine equipment only for our guests.If you would like to rContinue reading
  • About motorcycle and bicycle rental

    We have a limited number of motorcycles and bicycles, but we can also rent them.Please let us know if you have any requests at the time of bContinue reading
  • About bicycle rental

    ○ We rent bicycles only for staying guests.The bicycle rental time limit is 4 hours for a half day and 8 hours for a full day.

  • About bike rental

    ○ We rent bikes only for staying guests.
    ○ The start time for bike rental is usually from 8:30 am and the return time is 6:30 pm (available Continue reading
  • Information on uninhabited island transfer, Part 1

    ○ For customers who want to go to uninhabited islands (Agenashiku Island, Gahi Island: Adults ¥1,500, Elementary School Students ¥1,000, InfContinue reading
  • Information on uninhabited island transfer, Part 2(Precautions etc.)

    ○ We recommend wearing a life jacket for safe swimming.
    ○ Please be sure to wear fins (flippers) on uninhabited islands as there are currentContinue reading
  • Activity shop introduction

    Since there is no affiliated activity shop, it is introduced on the Official website of Zamami Village.Please check them out and make your sContinue reading
  • About transportation to the activity shop

    We do not provide transportation to the activity shop you have booked.
    Most of the activity shops on Zamami Island will pick you up at our cContinue reading


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