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uninhabited island transfer

Recommended for those who feel unsatisfied with swimming at the beach, or those who want to swim freely without worrying about the swimming area.

Snorkeling on a deserted island

At our inn, we specialize in uninhabited island transfer on Zamami Island only for our guests.
We are acting as an intermediary for uninhabited island transfers to marine taxis.
  • Marine taxi information

    If you would like to arrange a sea taxi,
    We accept intermediary reservations at the time of lodging reservations,
    Since there is a decision by the captain depending on the weather, etc., it is a guide after confirming the day before.
    Please understand.
    Even if you do not go through our hotel, you can freely book a sea taxi directly.

    ■Ferry fee(Round-trip fare)
    ・Gahi Island/Agenashiki Island:Adult 1,500 yen/Elementary school student 1,000 yen/Children Below Elementary School Age Free
    ・Amuro Island:Adult 2,500 yen/Elementary school student 1,500 yen/Children Below Elementary School Age Free

    【Zamami tour operation】
    【Masatoshi Miyahira】
  • Marine taxi remarks

    There is no need to go to Zamamiko Port for the sea taxis that we have arranged for you.
    Boarding and disembarking from Ama Port (about 2 minutes on foot) in the Ama Area.
    Please be sure to arrive at Ama Port and wait 5 minutes before the boarding reservation time.
    If the ship is not anchored, the ship will arrive at the port at the scheduled time.
    Customers other than our inn also use the same sea taxi,
    The sea taxi may come to pick you up after the reserved time.
    Please understand.

    If you contact a sea taxi without going through our hotel,
    If you tell the sea taxi person "Stay at Robinson",
    There is no need to go to Zamamiko Port.
    A boat will pick you up at Ama Port.
    ・Even if you do not make a reservation by the day before your stay,
     If there is no problem with the weather (at the captain's discretion), after checking in at our hotel,
     During your stay, we can arrange same-day and next-day transfers.
     However, in the case of a transfer on the same day, we may not be able to guide you due to the circumstances of the sea taxi.
     Please understand.

    ・Our hotel will act as an intermediary for marine taxis,
     Regarding troubles (accidents, etc.) that occur between customers and sea taxis,
     We do not take any responsibility.
     Please understand.

    ・We do not take orders during bad weather or when bad weather is expected.

    ・Customers who cross the uninhabited island, please swim at your own risk.
     In addition, in order to swim safely, the boatman will be sure to inform you of the swimming range, tide flow,
     Please be sure to receive an explanation of other precautions for swimming safely.

    ・Please check the contact information of the sea taxi in case of emergency (poor physical condition, worsening weather).

    ・There are 3 uninhabited islands, but we will guide you to the recommended island based on the wave and wind conditions.
     The time is irregular from 8:30 to 17:00, so you can choose your favorite time.
  • Snorkeling notes

    Ama Beach, you can see green sea turtles by snorkeling.
    However, it is not always possible to meet turtles.
    It depends on the timing.
    If you would like to speak to us, we would be grateful if you would
    I will tell you the points.Of course, guidance is free.
    If you have snorkeling equipment, you can enjoy it without spending money.
    ・We recommend wearing a life jacket for safe swimming.
    ・It is recommended to wear fins (flippers) on uninhabited islands due to currents.
    ・In the summer, use parasols and tents, and be prepared to drink plenty of water.
     It is recommended to prevent heatstroke.
    ・Rental of snorkeling equipment is available.
     It is listed on the rental equipment page, so please check there.
    ・Please be sure to take your trash home with you.
     In addition, activities such as bonfires are prohibited.
     If you smoke, please be careful with the fire.
    ・If you are traveling during the off-season, please bring a zipper or
     We recommend that you bring a bag that cannot be opened due to a string.
    ・Umbrellas and tents are blown away by the wind while swimming, considering the direction of the wind,
     Please be careful not to be swept out to sea.

    *For reservations, other questions and consultations, please contact us by phone.
     We are very sorry, but for customers who have made reservations,
     In the event of inclement weather or unavoidable circumstances, we are unable to make the tour.
     In order to minimize inconvenience to customers as soon as possible,
     We will contact you from here, so please understand.

    *When swimming with turtles, never make a loud slamming noise while chasing them.
     Turtles will escape offshore and stop coming to the beach.
     Other customers will also be inconvenienced.
     Also, never touch the turtle with your hands.
     If you touch it with your hands, the turtle will get sick.
     The sea is everyone's treasure.Please follow the rules and enjoy swimming.