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Through contact with nature that can only be tasted on this island and various activities,
Zamami Island, where you can enjoy meeting people and turn your enjoyment into joy,
We look forward to helping you create many memories.

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The sea is everyone's treasure.
Please follow the rules and enjoy swimming.
  • Snorkeling

    • Snorkeling at Ama Beach

      Ama Beach is the only beach on Zamami Island,
      A beach where you can snorkel with green sea turtles.
      You can go to Ama Beach in about 3 minutes on foot from the inn.
      Please enjoy swimming within the designated range (under lifeguard supervision in summer).

      The points where you can see green turtles are:
      If you tell the staff after your arrival that you want to see turtles at Ama Beach,
      Guidance will be provided verbally, including precautions.(Information is free.)
      It is not always possible to meet turtles.
      Please understand that it depends on the timing.

      *Never make a loud slamming noise when chasing a turtle.
       Turtles will escape offshore and stop coming to the beach, causing trouble for other guests.
       Also, never touch the turtle with your hands.
       If you touch it with your hands, the turtle will get sick.
    • Snorkeling at Zamami Beach

      Zamami Beach is a beautiful sea where you can swim with fish.
      Even if you don't swim far, the world in the aquarium spreads out right there.
      Please enjoy swimming within the designated range (under lifeguard supervision in summer).

      Zamami Beach is accessible by village bus.
      For more information, please refer to "Traffic information in the village".

      ■Village bus fare
      【Ama Beach - Zamami Beach】
      Adult 300 yen/Child 150 yen

      【Zamami Village Tourism Association Information Center】
    • Snorkeling at Nishihama Beach

      To Nishihama Beach, there are boats (Mitsushima) that run on routes within the village,
      You can go there using the high-speed boat Queen Zamami.
      For more information, please contact the tourist information center.

      【Zamami Village Tourism Association Information Center】
  • marine shop

  • Stargazing

    The staff who worked at our company until last year are independently taking pictures against the starry sky.
    • Shota's Starry Sky Photo Tour

      I'm Shota, who came to Zamami from Osaka!
      Now I work at a tourist association and hold starry sky photo tours at night!
      I worked at Robinson until March 2022!

      Special price for guests staying at Robinson!
      Shuttle service available to Robinson!
      You can also take a commemorative photo while observing the stars!
      Check out our Instagram for more!

      ■Tour fee(Special Rate)
      1Adult:4,500 yen
      Child (elementary and junior high school student)1 person:2,000 JPY
      Under elementary school students:Free