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About meals

Cooking list

Meals are home-cooked meals with a good balance of fish, meat and vegetables.
I will make it with all my heart to suit everyone's taste.
  • Dinner

    We will prepare general home-cooked meals wholeheartedly to suit everyone's taste.
    The adult menu changes daily.
    For elementary school students and toddlers, the one-plate children's menu changes daily.
    Elementary school students who wish to have the same dishes as adults will be charged an adult price, but they can choose an adult menu.
    *Allergies and other vegetarian and vegan correspondence is not possible.

    dinner start time:From 18:00 to 18:30
    *Meal time is set to the above time,
     If you would like to change it for your convenience, please contact us by 13:00 on the day.
     Changes can be made until 19:00.

    【Main Building】dining:Limited to 14 people every day

    ■meal fee
    adult menu:1,870 yen
    Elementary school student menu:1,100 JPY
    toddler menu:880 yen
    • dinner menu

      For adults

      fish(meuniere,fly,tempura)/sashimi/Meat Dish(pork,chicken)/2 small bowls/rice/soup

      Elementary school student / infant

      Hamburg steak / curry rice / chicken cutlet / pork cutlet / omelet rice / Neapolitan spaghetti etc.
  • Breakfast

    The menu changes daily.
    The menu is the same for adults, elementary school students, and infants.
    *Allergies and other vegetarian and vegan correspondence is not possible.

    The cafeteria has a replacement system.
    The time is "7:15 / 7:45 / 8:15" time-designated reservation system.
    Please fill in the desired time in the remarks column.

    【Main Building】dining:Up to 14 people per time slot

    meal fee:660 yen(Tax included)
    • breakfast menu

      Adult, child

      fried egg(Scrambled eggs)/bacon/wiener sausage/spam/small bowl/Pickles/rice/miso soup/tea
  • Jirobe store

    Just opened in March 2022, right in front of Ama Beach and right next to the campsite cottage!
    A cafe and shop with a large open terrace and blue parasols!
    Not only lunch, but also breakfast and takeout!
    We have a wide variety of cafe menus, various alcoholic beverages, various rentals necessary for swimming in the sea,
    We handle a wide variety of items such as daily necessities.

    Barbecue is also possible with advance reservation ♬
    Please make pleasant memories of Zamami.

    For more information, please contact us by phone or Instagram message.
    *If you can't connect, call 080-8557-2118(to Hashimoto)
  • 38 Miyahira

    This restaurant is located 38 seconds from Ama Beach.
    Lunch is a set meal of the day, and dinner is an izakaya.
    38 (Sanpachi) offers seasonal dishes made with locally produced and consumed ingredients, including the specialty of 38 (Sanpachi).
    We will also respond to takeout.
    Please feel free to contact us.

    For more information, please contact us by phone or Instagram message.
    or 090-5797-6058
    Instagram is "@38_miyahira".

38 Miyahira

  • Addictive chicken wings

  • cooking

  • cooking