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rental goods

Marine equipment, bicycles, and motorbike rentals are also available.
You can make a reservation together when you make a reservation for the inn.
*Rental is limited to overnight guests.Please understand.

About rental bicycles and rental bikes

Roads in Zamami have few flat lands and many mountain roads.
Especially for those who are planning to visit the observatory and are not confident in their physical strength, we recommend renting a bike.
Of course you can also go by bicycle, but it is quite hard.

Rental list

You can make a reservation together with your stay.Same-day rental is possible without reservation.
*We are limited to overnight guests.Please understand.
  • rental cycle

    There are two types of bicycles: normal type and gear-change type.
    In the event of personal injury or property damage when using a rental bicycle,
    It is your responsibility and we do not guarantee or take any responsibility for it.
    In addition, in the case of damage that exceeds our normal maintenance,
    We ask for your understanding that you will be responsible for these costs.

    *It is prohibited to take it outside of Zamami Island.(Cannot be taken out to Aka Island and Geruma Island.)
    *Children's bicycles and child seats are not available.Please understand.

    Available time

    From 8:30 to 21:30(Rental time adjustments can be discussed.)

    Fee details

    4 hours:500 JPY
    8 hours:1,000 JPY
    12 hours:1,500 JPY

    2 regular type bicycles without gears
    5 bicycles with gear change

  • rental bike

    Insurance for rental bikes is limited to "compulsory automobile liability insurance" only.
    If you cause a self-inflicted accident, the cost other than the compulsory automobile liability insurance application,
    The full amount (compensation for the other party, vehicle compensation) is borne by the rental applicant.
    If the vehicle is damaged due to a fall or fall (damage to mirrors, etc.),
    You will be responsible for the repair costs as well.
    Please make a reservation and use after acknowledging the above points.

    *It is prohibited to take it outside of Zamami Island.(Cannot be taken out to Aka Island and Geruma Island.)
    *If you are renting a bike, be sure to bring your driver's license with you.
     Even if you make a reservation, you will not be able to rent it.

    Available time

    From 8:30 to 18:30.*If you are going to see the sunset, please wait until sunset.

    Fee details

    1 hour:1,500 JPY
    2 hours:2,000 JPY
    3 to 4 hours:2,500 JPY
    5 to 6 hours:3,500 JPY
    7 to 8 hours:4,000 JPY
    9 to 10 hours:4,500 yen
    1 unit
    ■car model
    Suzuki Let's 4(50cc)
  • Rental of snorkeling equipment

    *Our daily rental time is set from the start of rental on the day to the return on the day.
     If you rent for 2 days or 3 days in a row, you will be charged the rental fee for the number of days you rented.
     Please understand.

    Various rental fees(Tax included)

    ・mask(Child size available):300 JPY
    ・snorkel(Child size available):200 JPY
    ・mask & snorkel set(Child size available):500 JPY
    ・fin(Child size available):500 JPY
    ・Life jacket(Child size available):500 JPY
    ・wet suit(Child size available):1,000 JPY
    ・rash guard(Up)(Child size available):300 JPY
    ・rash guard(under):500 JPY
    ・weight(belted):500 JPY
    ・Parasol:1,000 JPY
    ・tent:1,000 JPY
    ・Ukiwa:500 JPY
    ・box glasses:500 JPY
    *The price for adult and child types is the same.
    *The mask is normal type.
     We do not handle prescription lens types.
    *Wetsuit rentals are limited in number.(Men's size is L size only)

Precautions when renting

Notes on rental bicycles and motorbikes

・Please drive safely based on the Road Traffic Law.
 Residents are patrolling by car.

・Do not drive into beaches or sandy areas, as this may cause malfunction.
 In addition, there are many mountain roads and many sharp curves.
 Since there are places where sand is floating on the road surface,
 Please do not drive with sudden braking.

・Please drive slowly in the village as children may jump out and the roads are narrow.

Observe the precautions and drive safely to create fun memories of your trip.